Deer Venison Processing

Bologna (9# Minimum)

Pork Added Plain  $2.75/lb
Sweet and Spicy  $2.95/lb
Sweet & Spicy With Cheese  $3.50/lb
Sweet  $2.95/lb
Hot  $2.95/lb
Cheese  $3.35/lb

Hind for Chipped Steaks $20.00 each

Smoked Hind $14.00 each

Double Smoked and Chipped Hind $20.00 each

Kielbasa (5# Minimum) $2.65/lb

Sausage (5 # Minimum)

Country, Hot, Sweet Italian, Green Onion
Loose  $1.95/lb
Stuffed  $2.25/lb        

Snack Sticks (5# Minimum)

Plain  $3.25/lb
Pepper  $3.25/lb
Sweet & Spicy  $3.40/lb
Sweet & Spicy w/Cheese  $4.00/lb

All pricing on finished weight. Most products will have a 25% weight gain. Prices subject to change without notice.

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